Stephen Brooks
Web Designer

Hey there! I’m a creative web designer based in Oklahoma, Comanche County.

My experience

Outside my experience, I also received my bachelor degree in 2016, nominated some sites I built for an award, and also volunteered with the Red Cross.

Intern Developer
April 2016 — May 2017
US Army
14T Air Defense
MAr 2003 — JUL 2020
Web Developer
Jun 2017 — Jul 2018
Aug 2017 — Present

Previous Work

Throughout my work and history with clients, I learned that the most important thing is to start with by understanding how they reach to their clients. My goal is to always put their needs first and demonstrate how I can reach that need with my designs.


A business that prides itself in event decorating and consulting. I partnered with them to offer services with them.


A store that refocuses on consumers and get what is actually wanted. By popular demand they refocused their strategy.


Brooks Life Agency sells in all lines but was built by life insurance first. Their goal is to find the most affordable insurance plan.

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