About Developer

I have worked and studied developing since November 2017 and I do it as a personal project. I found my interest amd wanted to keep it up. Currently I am retiring from the Army, working full time until I get all of my certifications done for software development.


My Projects & Education

I have helped veterans with acquiring websites to help their business take the next step. Sure they can go on wix.com and do it theirselves, but usually they are so busy that they don't have the time. So I offer to take it off their hands for very little or no money at all.

I learned to code from Botttega Tech and used Learnkey for certifications. Apart from that, I also have a bachelor degree form University of Phoenix. I enjoy learning new things that peaks my interest.


Work Experience

I have worked for the Military for over 16 years, with a combination of active duty and reserve time. I did work at General Dynamics, where I was a help desk tehnician for one of their clients. Prior to that I had a period of working independently in the insurance business without any prior knowledge of running a business. I only knew what I had learned from working for an insurance company and tried using it to earn business.

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